The Devil and the Lion - The Devil and the Lion (Cover Artwork)

The Devil and the Lion

The Devil and the Lion (2009)


The Bad:
The Devil and the Lion sound a lot like a little-known band named Brand New...
...with hints of Manchester Orchestra.
While that's not exactly a bad thing, the unoriginality of it grates on me a bit.
The lyrics and melodies remind of the two previously mentioned bands pretty often.
The lead singer even sounds a lot like Jesse Lacey.
But still, there's worse bands to sound like.

The Good:
There's enough of a difference here for the band to not sound like a total copy of the aforementioned bands.
The rough production suits the band's sound perfectly.
The lyrics (favorite line: "Wait 'till i tell God about the shit you've been up to" from "Throwing Up My Words").
The 'scream till your voice cracks' vocals.
This band sounds passionate as hell.
And in the sea of ridiculous haircuts and vocalists that sound like they're 11-years-old, passion can be hard to find.

High Points:
"The Thief"

If you like Brand New or Manchester Orchestra I suggest you check this EP out.