Knockout Theory - Killing the Past (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Knockout Theory

Killing the Past (2008)


Knockout Theory play the very typical style of local punk rock -- quasi-melodic hardcore with ill-fitting "metal" riffs and a few ill-advised flourishes (ugh, that terrible vocoder effect in "Melancholy"...why??). A laborious 38 minutes to get through, Killing the Past proves why most bands should punch out a few EPs before trying the full-length format.

Killing the Past has a few surprisingly competent choruses ("Last Chance," "Melancholy"), but they're stuffed between super average compositions of modern punk rock á la an early watered down Sum 41. Smartbomb, No Trigger, hell, even One Win Choice are all doing this more cohesively and in exciting ways. Many of these verses sound like little more than foundations to show off newly learned guitar skills, and it's consequently hard to care much or want to listen.

Everything about Killing the Time is achingly predictable. I mean, they even have the token upstroke song ("Self-Destruction") and jokey Star Spangled Banner riff thrown in ("Medal of Honor"). "Medal of Honor," in particular, just sounds rushed. Cringeworthy styles of singing are all too common, as well ("Trapped Inside," "Melancholy," "Out on a Limb").

Knockout Theory also seem really, really young, so I imagine they'll get better as they discover new influences and better master their abilities.

Last Chance
Medal of Honor
Trapped Inside