Police & Thieves - Amor y Guerra (Cover Artwork)
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Police & Thieves

Amor y Guerra (2008)


Being that I've already reviewed Police & Thieves' demo, self-titled 7" and Amor y Guerra 7", there isn't much I have to say in this review, being that this release is really just a handy collection of those three releases, as well as a couple unreleased tracks.

Therefore, we'll tell you what you need to know in a capsule-sized review: Police & Thieves bear ex-members of bands like Worn Thin and Balboa and play ruggedly produced, Dag Nasty-flavored melodic hardcore with plenty of promise and lots of lyrics about personal relationships. They've steadily improved with every new release, and what's awesome is that the Amor tracks are now a year-and-a-half old, which means that whatever they put out next should be theoretically awesome. I mean, none of these songs are terribly "holy shit," and I think someone like Hostage Calm is doing a better and way more dynamic job of essentially the same sound, but the tunes are still very, very solid in their own right.

If you've enjoyed most or all of Police & Thieves' material to this point, Amor y Guera proves quite a convenient compact disc to own.

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