The Measure [SA] - Songs About People...and Fruit 'n Shit [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Measure [SA]

Songs About People...and Fruit 'n Shit [12 inch] (2008)

Don Giovanni

I've ignored the Measure's playful pop-punk for far too long. Lauren Measure's vocals always gave me this idea that the band somehow adapted the Plan-It-X sound to a full-on, inspired pop-punk sound, but one I couldn't really get into for whatever reason. Not like intentionally or whatever, but it's just how it sounded to me. Anyway, point being, Songs About People...and Fruit 'n Shit is a pretty bang-up job. I swear I'm not suddenly giving a shit because Mikey Erg is an official member.

The songs on Fruit 'n Shit simply sound more realized than the band ever really has. "Drunk by Noon" begins with an understated riff and Lauren giving a sort of emphasized murmur over the rolling action, with a full-on chorus that hits home hard. "Revisionist" delivers a great jolt of energy in the early goings while the minimalism and acoustic/electric dual approach of "How to Steal a Million" makes it a great centerpiece.

I'm not quite as stoked on the flipside of the record (though the melodic, rambled refrains of "Hello Bastards" are sweet), but this is still a generously packaged release with a lot of clear effort and care put in.