Arms Aloft - Comfort at Any Cost [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Arms Aloft

Comfort at Any Cost [7 inch] (2008)

Dead Format

Arms Aloft play the type of melodic punk rock that is just so incredibly familiar and derivative yet so well-written that you completely overlook its lack of originality and just bask in the warm, distorted glow of their songs.

Their proper debut EP, Comfort at Any Cost, could probably just be described stylistically by the moments of pure familiarity that result from listening (by coincidence or not). "Dreams Are Dogs That Die in Their Kennels" (re-recorded from their 2007 demo) starts off quite like None More Black's "Dinner for Suckers," while the beginning of "Chopper Dave" makes me want to sing the opening lyrics to Banner Pilot's "No Transfer."

There is a surprisingly poetic nature about things too, however, like in "Chopper Dave," which discusses "American Bandstand" stealing the murder from Stagger Lee.

On top of that, a bounding pace and gravelly vocals means this is recommended.

Comfort at Any Cost