Rise Against/Spitalfield - Live in Naperville (Cover Artwork)

Rise Against / Spitalfield

Live in Naperville (2002)

live show

Well I first heard about RA playing a local show around here, seeing as they are a local band. I did a little research and found out they were playing at a church about 1/2 hour away from where I lived. "Sweet" I thought, being the huge RA fan, I saw them a few months earlier with AFI, which they were amazing. Being a chicago band theres a lot more people singing along, so I'm not sure how theyre energy is out of the Chicago earlier.

Anyways, to the show. There were four bands. The first, I forget the name. They weren't bad but there wasn't much energy seeing as that there were only about 50 people there. Next band was thrive. I'm sorry, they were talented, and played some good music, but they were way out of place at a punk show. They came off as a wannabe Matchbox 20. Easy to say it killed the energy.

The next was another local band, spitalfield. These guys were great, however the crowd really didn't get into them.

By the time Rise Against came on there were a few hundred people packed into the church gym. The energy during their set was insane. No barricades, no security, nothing. Lots of people got on stage. There wasn't a huge pit, but was great nontheless. All in all it was one of the best shows I've seen. Props to RA for playing these types of shows still. They played about 1/2 of The Unraveling and some new songs. Everyone stayed and hung out after the show, it was a really great time. Everyone who reads this who hasn't picked up the album, I highly recommend, definately one of the best of 2001. Also next time they come around, don't miss 'em! Their shows are insane, pure energy, pure chicago hardcore.