Pegasuses-XL - Electro Agitators  (Cover Artwork)


Electro Agitators (2009)

Ernest Jenning

Pegasuses-XL is a project forged from the minds of several indie rock musicians including Mark Dale of Disband and Jeff Rosenstock of Bomb the Music Industry!.

This record is comprised of three lesser-known EPs released by the group during the days when this project was still in its infancy. The band's sound is purely experimental and combines synth loops, punk rock energy and danceable `90s hip-hop beats into something that's strange and positively awkward. No matter how many times you decide to revisit the album you'll find that adjusting to its musical content is virtually impossible.

Electro Agitators has received rave reviews from just about every industry critic and music hound worth a damn. Despite what many people would have you believe, this is single-handedly the worst piece of shit I've heard in a long while. Period.

What you've got here are 17 "songs" rife with weird sound effects, sound bites taken from b-rated movie feature flops and the occasional muffled vocal track that's weaved in and out of the worst collection of instrumentals ever assembled on disc.

The best way to describe Electro Agitators is by calling it "noise." There's nothing original or innovative in incorporating weird audio effects and randomized sound structure into half-assed tracks with subject matter that's completely undefined and where all musical elements are lazily arranged.

Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this piece of garbage. Experimental music is fine just so long as it offers listeners some form of substance. Pegasuses-XL is a project built solely around an empty void with a sound that's worth being dragged out into the backyard and shot.

Electro Agitators proves to be a mindless schlock of self-indulgence and is the boiled down equivalent of a group circle jerk complete with Casio keyboard synthesizers.