Valient Thorr - Immortalizer (Cover Artwork)

Valient Thorr

Immortalizer (2008)


When somebody thinks of 2008 in terms of head-banging metal or rock music, one usually thinks of Metallica's "comeback" album. It was either highly praised or considered recycled from 20 years ago. Hopefully with this review, people will forget about Metallica and embrace the now infamous rockers from the planet Venus, Valient Thorr.

Immortalizer is the band's third full-length album, and the way it sounds, they're stronger than ever. With raging guitar riffs and solos, Valient Thorr is one of the better sounding bands out in the metal/thrash/rock scene at the moment. I found this album way better than Metallica's latest effort.

The songs, like on the previous releases, still carry political meanings. The opening track "I Hope the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Your Soul Forever" has been dedicated live to the late Jesse Helms (a Southern conservative who hailed from the band's home state of North Carolina). The best track on here has to be "Red Flag," which obviously references George W. Bush and his inability to be a leader of the U.S.A. Of course, Valient Thorr might not ever be taken seriously on their political messages like Propagandhi, but the intensity in their music helps bring the messages across. The final track, "Tackle the Walrus," is an epic battle of a rock song involving...what else!! Fighting a walrus!!

Valient Thorr takes elements from southern rock, the thrash of Metallica and heaviness of Motörhead and blends it together and makes it a sound that kicks major ass. If you don't believe me, see them live. They put on one of the most rocking shows you will ever witness. Immortalizer is possilbly their strongest album at the moment and hopefully they don't slow down. If you need a good head-banging record that rocks at the same time, look no further.