Youth Dekay - Goodbye Cruel World (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Youth Dekay

Goodbye Cruel World (2009)


Despite my often uber-pretentious tendencies, my conservative use of Microsoft's spell-check feature, and my complete disregard for sentence structure, the worst part about my review writing is in the "negative review" department; it's just so damn easy to drift off on my raft of rage into the sea of whimsical insults and poorly organized rants. To continue with the lovely seaworthy metaphors, that ship has sailed: This is the new me. But damn you, Youth Dekay! Tempting me oh so mockingly with your horrid name and elaborate MySpace page -- I should have just left you in my Yahoo Mail inbox next to the plethora of penis enlargment ads.

Whoops, almost slipped.

For a proper, fairly constructed criticism, my biggest beef is that this all-girl metal/punk act makes poor use of being a three-piece. None of the instruments complement each other in the least bit and results in sounding empty and thin. The instruments in general are executed poorly and definitely uninspired; "Stereo Pulse" is filled with predictable pull-off riffs and atrocious metal screams. For a band who claims punk influence, their music is severely devoid of energy or spunk -- in fact, every song that follows "Stereo Pulse" is painfully dull and extremely forgettable.

Everything from the lackadaisical riffing, the throwing-up-in-a-trash-can tone of the vocals, and the uneventful and recording quality just screams "bad high school metal band." Word of advice: Nine times out of ten, just avoid bands with misspelled names. But weren't the Wunder Years amazing?