Connie Dungs - E.B.L.C. (Cover Artwork)

Connie Dungs

E.B.L.C. (1997)

Mutant Pop

The Connie Dungs are probably the best band no one's ever heard. They hail from one of the strangest places on earth, Ashland, Ky. From outside, Ashland looks like any other small town in America, but once inside, the city is boring hole of nothing but drugs and gas stations (I know, i lived there 18 years). Needless to say, the punk scene in Ashland is virtually non-excistant, but that hasn't stopped the Connie Dungs from putting out great pop punk records. The new album, Eternal Bad Luck Charm, is a far cry from their past albums, but will impress anyone who hears it.

The Dungs debut cd was a standard Weasel-esq punk album with funny lyrics and upbeat, happy rythms. Their next album, Driving On Neptune, was more of the same, but showed lots of signs of maturing in the band. Earth Bound For the Holiday, their third album(and I think their best) was an overall punk gem, combining emo-style lyrics and hard rockin' punk sounds to make one of my favorite cd's of all time. Eternal Bad Luck Charm, their fourth release on Mutant Pop Records, is still punk, but could easily fit into something like a fast-emo-rock kinda catagory. It really is a progression for the band, although I have since heard that they have broken up, which makes Mark sad.

The first track, Cigarette Buzz, sets the tone for the entire album with a catchy sound and poetic lyrics, which by the way, are the overwhelming trademark of this band. Brandon Dung will continue to be one of my favorite lyricists long after the Dungs are through. "Captured","Fearful Symmetry" and "Wide Open" are all great songs, but my favorite is the heart broken LOVE song "The Maddening". It is so well written and catchy that it is sure to strike close to home with anyone who has ever had a love just a little out of reach. Overall, the music on EBLC is different from the past Dungs' songs, but there is no doubt that they stay true to punk.

The Connie Dungs have put out something like 10 releases(maybe a couple more) including all their seven inches and full lengths. None have sold well, their home town has absolutely no punk scene, and the surrounding area where they played their shows wasn't exactly real supportive, but the Dungs did it anyway. They never got signed to Fat, never made a video, and never even had a fucking interview in punk zine, but they put out their music anyway. However, for the few of us who have heard the Connie Dungs, they leave a long lasting impression. Eternal Bad Luck Charm is an awesome album, with a definite Jawbreaker influence(which can't be bad).

Do yourself a favor, write to Mutant Pop Records 5010 NW Shasta , Corvallis, Oregon 97330 and ask for a free catalog. It has so many punk releases from just about any band you can think of, and it is all a helluva lot cheaper than any store you'll ever find. After you've got the catalog, order Eternal Bad Luck Charm by the Connie Dungs. I suggest starting with their last album, then working your way back to the early years, just so you can see how the band has changed over time. After EBLC, you should definitley get Earth Bound for the Holiday, even if you dont like EBLC. It is an unknown classic. Yes, Fat and Vagrant and Epitaph(sorda) have some great bands, but the best bands are the ones who are relentless with great music even out of the public eye. The Connie Dungs are just that.True,blue, punk rock. R.I.P. Dungs.