Various - From Brooklyn With Love (Cover Artwork)
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From Brooklyn With Love (2002)

Dying Wish

This compilation is a benefit album for the Twin Towers Fund. You know...September 11th. Maybe this is a good occasion for me to send my condolences to all the relatives and friends involved. But being an objective observer from the other side of the ocean, I'd also like to warn all people in the US to not go into the brainwashing stupidities outed by Bush's administration. I just heard about his plans on increasing the budget of his military force with yet another unearthly few billions. Yet another confirmation of the interference of the weapon industry in US politics. Arms will never solve anything, don't forget about that my friends!
Anyway, this is a review section, so I'll tell you something more about this album then, which features rare, alternate, or previously unreleased tracks from Bayside, Brand New, The Reunion Show, Atkins Lane, Taking Back Sunday, Different Strokes, Nixon Rules, and A Dying Day Dream. Plus 13 other bands that lend songs that have been previously released.
There's a complete website dedicated to this release at which makes work easier on me I guess, because you can find in-depth descriptions of all the bands that appear on this comp and you can see how sales of the comp are going. In short this album features some mediocre, some good and some smashing songs with varying sounds: emo, indie, and punk bands, some of them with a background and others that are fairly new to the scene. Of the 2 Dying Wish Records bands that are on it (Bayside and Lost North Star) I prefer the catchiness of Bayside (not to be mistaken with the Canadian band that I reviewed on this site earlier and has now unfortunately broken up) especially with their second song. The female-fronted Lost North Star just sounds too weak in my opinion. Aside from the pretty well known bands as Allister and Finch (both on Drive-Thru), Yellowcard (on Lobster) and Whippersnapper (just signed to Fueled By Ramen) who all deliver high quality stuff, here's the bands that I wasn't very familiar with and I think need to be mentioned:
Atkins Lane is emotional guitar driven rock with a hard edge in the chorus, pretty good.
Brand New just released their album on Triple Crown reviewed by Yves here and is sure to please powerpop lovers.
The Reunion Show is somewhat more classic upbeat rock in my eyes with a very good Elvis Costello-alike vocal part. They'll be having a new EP out in February on Law Of Inertia.
Stopwatch is a pop-punk band similar to New Found Glory and the bunch. They just finished recording a new album, so be on the watchout for that, because this song kicks ass.
Dirt Bike Annie sounds poor, maybe I just don't like female vocals?? No not really, not catchy enough I guess, reminded me of the "Sound Of Music". The synths couldn't make up for it.
5¢ Deposit delivers one of the best songs on the comp I think. One of the most driving bands for sure, I'll be on the look for their upcoming EP on Tank Records one of these months.
Nixon Rules reminded me of fast Subhumans. Pretty basic and raw sounding in comparison to most other bands on this album, but a good in between nevertheless.
Clearview 77 do their best to have great vocal parts, but I didn't think it ended up as it should. Pretty mediocre.
Copeland is more laidback stuff, reminded me a bit of the Cure (no offense). A bit too slow for this guy in fact (in spite of the tinkle bells :)).
Outline: Although the singer's vocals sound like he's having a terrible cold, this song really rocks. Good breaks and alternating slow-fast parts is what I like. Nice.
Different Strokes is emotionally driven pop punk from New Jersey (where did I hear that before?) but the formula keeps working. Very good!!
The Hissyfits is a girls-band that isn't all that bad. Let's say it's something different (before you start accusing me of anti-feminism).
Go Real Slow is not really impressive. Pop-punk without hights.
Taking Back Sunday is a band we'll here a lot more of I'm sure. Expect a Victory Records release of them in March. More heavy guitars involved here and a very good vocal section. Very promising demo this.
A Dying Day Dream is a pretty good rocking ending to the album. Something else like most other stuff on here with "talking-screaming" vocals and pretty hectic percussion and guitarplay.

All together I think this disc could give you a good indication of what's going on in the more pop-punk related NY and NJ area. Pfew, must have been the longest time I ever spent reviewing an album, but it was worth my precious time alright.