Tuesday - Freewheelin' (Cover Artwork)


Freewheelin' (1997)

Asian Man

To start off with, Tuesday is composed of Daniel Andriano (Alkaline Trio, Slapstick), Matthew Stamps, and Robert Kellenberger. Now, when I first hear the unique guitar riffs and hooks combined with the calm voice of Dan, it sort of soothed me and put me in a state of relaxation. This is the type of album where when you listen to it, it feels like it relieves any pressure you may have and takes you back to that summer night when you felt free of everything.

Now, to describe Tuesday's sound is sort of difficult because to me they sound unlike any other band I have ever heard. If I had to say, their guitars and music is sort of reminiscent of the Get Up Kids in a way, while they still have sort of an edge to it. So, in other words they are a band that is musically mellow with emotional lyrics and catchy melodies.

My favorite song on here, is track 8 which is titled "So Awake". It has a great melodic beginning that lasts over two minutes and then hops right into the lively verse and chorus. This song also has great harmonies as does the rest of this cd. Also throughout the cd, the guitars remain very melodic and carries quality basslines and drums. The lyrical topics mainly stick to girls but also range out to such topics as depression as in "My Mess". And when I say they stick to girls, I am not talking about the New Found Glory type, they are the more mature hopeless love type.

To conclude, this cd doesn't really have any duds or bad songs but on the other hand there isn't really a song that stands out above the rest. So this is a solid release by a now defunct band and is a good listen when you are tired of the fast, loud punk that you are listening to.

By the way, this is my first review so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have, thank you.