Latin for Truth - Eleven Eleven (Cover Artwork)
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Latin for Truth

Eleven Eleven (2009)


Latin for Truth seem like one of the latest additions in the hardcore-inspired, New Found Glory-style pop-punk craze -- I know, I've been reviewing a lot of these bands lately, but someone's gotta do it and I'd like to think I draw pretty fair assesements with them all. (And believe me, there's more to come.)

The debut full-length from this band in particular, Eleven Eleven directly reminds me of three other current bands, and it becomes an incredibly mixed bag in the process: (1) Daggermouth, who I enjoy from time to time, as they've definitely got tinges of poppy but straightforward-blasting melodic hardcore and it's easy to get behind; (2) Four Year Strong, who are a little cringeworthy to me, as it's a little cartoony, there are a few unnecessary double-bass rolls and the group shouts are poorly layered and ineffective; and (3) A Day to Remember, who I find goddamn unlistenable, and provides an unwelcome comparison when the band try to incorporate a little musical mosh action and nü-metalcore growls.

"Lying for a Living" is a good example of that third RIYL. It has a very Fall Out Boy-esque chorus, offering a slower vocal melody over a fast drumbeat, and it's actually pretty enjoyable after a listen or two; however, the outright growls that come just after two-minute mark are just not working, as the band's trying way too hard to force a dynamic. "Hope Is Alive and Well" is another frustrating number, as it opens with more groan-inducing bellowing, but offers lots of chiming, melodic guitar chords later on, as well as what I'm pretty sure is a time change that's done totally admirably. "Dark Sunshine" suffers a bit of a personality disorder too, with fast melodic hardcore verses and decent "whoa-oh"s but some oddly exasperated shouts in the middle. Some dude's kind of rapping in "I'm Not Beefing with the Almighty, I'm Just Saying I've Got Questions and He's Got Answers," and I don't know how I feel about it. There's more grunting in "SSDD" and it just sounds strained.

Eleven Eleven has a bunch of intermittent moments that impress me, and another healthy handful I desperately wish they'd weed out. I like their lyrical attitude for the most part (striving for individualism and independence in life and music, respectively and otherwise), but hopefully they can smooth out their musical identity next time around.

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