Love You Moon - Waxwane (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Love You Moon

Waxwane (2008)

Sargent House

Love You Moon is Rx Bandits' frontman Matt Embree's side outlet, an unsurprisingly stripped-down affair that emphasizes his howled sociopolitical commentary but lays it over lively acoustic guitars. Waxwane is full of folk-quasi-punk and vaguely bluesy tones, creating a creative mix that might not mesmerize as well as RxB's intricate electric work but is a solid listen nonetheless.

While LYM is clearly a side project, Embree still uses it to release his frustrations concerning society. His vitriol towards mainstream ideas of beauty in "Screams in a Vacuum" might remind RxB fans of "Sell You Beautiful," as he sets up a paper doll to stand in place for idealization: "Well there's a damn brunette wrapped in bronze patent leather. / She got hands on her flesh but a gaze come hither, / high high heels and a low self esteem, / ink on glossy paper, she a real wild thing. / With some tape, pair of scissors you can re-arrange her."

Still, more personal sentiments are spelled out, like on "Brown Shingle Berkeley," a beautifully quieter and slower piece full of heartbreaking nostalgia (a word directly present in the song itself) and finding Embree admitting "Not so long ago I ran into her, / she lives with one of my friends now. / He loves her and he loves him / and part of me is still that little schoolboy." Meanwhile, the second half has the `50s rock-flavored "David's Birthday," with some stomping piano, soulful vocal delivery and a memorable chorus line.

While the truly compelling moments on Waxwane seem sporadic, and it seems like other frontmen have stepped out to the side with greater results, Waxwane is an enjoyable little slab that provides a nicely alternate stopblock in the long three years between 2006's ...And the Battle Begun and RxB's upcoming followup.

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