Detournement - Screaming Response [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Screaming Response [7 inch] (2009)

Pirate's Press

Dudes from Lifetime*, Ensign, Bigwig and Worthless United? By all accounts, Detournement should fucking rule. Moments on their debut 7", Screaming Response, are competent enough, but hardly "fucking rule." Further, Screaming Response tends to be hampered by a lack of good ideas, or just questionable ideas unfortunately put into place.

Opening bangers "Focus...Explosion!", "Stand Firm" and "Men and Maggots" seem like they could define the band's sound, with hardcore that sounds a bit like Ensign, only more melodic and with generous doses of street punk tones in the shouted backup vocals and playful guitar tones. The production isn't too pronounced, but overall this trio of songs aren't bad -- not bad at all.

The weird detours begin on the mostly Spanish-sung "No Estan Solos," which is infused with a Latin punk/ska sense but the band staying heavier on the riffs. I don't know how I feel about it. "The Dead Man Cries for Vengeance" tries to get a little creative, but the band sound like they're stumbling over each other a bit with the interchanging guitars, and the "breakdown" is abrupt and too soft to enjoy on any level. "Stranglehold U.S.A." leans hard on the street punk bend, which wouldn't be a bad thing if the hollored "gung-ho" shouts didn't make the song sound so generic and cheesy -- at least until the last 10 seconds, where the track suddenly transitions into a fresher sense of upbeatness. "Odessa" is a decent closer, though, offering an anthemic chorus through the muted recording.

Detournement's debut has a couple pretty promising moments and its makeup is an exciting variety of New Jersey hardcore veterans. But considering all that experience, Screaming Response falls short of an aggressive answer. Let's keep asking questions in hopes the real response comes later.

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* - recent reports indicate dude has already left the band.