Scarrots - Peace Of Sun Shine (Cover Artwork)
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Peace Of Sun Shine (2002)

Goodlife Recordings

This is the first full-length album of this Belgian band, which is actually a compilation of their best recordings since the band started out in 1996. The recordings were done for different reasons: some songs appeared on comps, other songs are demo-recordings, but there's also a few new ones and they are all put on it in a chronological order: from 2001, back to 1998. What struck me first was the professional approach of this release. Really, these songs haven't been laid down in a hurry; everything sounds polished as should be for a band that delivers music which has a bit of Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish and definitely late RX Bandits influences. The newer stuff are good pump-rocking songs, with piano and keyboards that amazingly fit here.

"Burn the Pages" has a high dosis of The Get Up Kids, flavoured with an Anniversary synth sound.
"A Shooting Star..." is a more emotive song, which could have been written by any Drive-Thru band and has some good synth effects which are a good introduction to the shake-ass chorus. I think this song definitely is the one most likely to do well in any alternative chart.
"A 1,000 Pieces" is the first time horns pop up which leads to a sound that is most leaning to Reel Big Fish stuff. Still there's synths, firm guitars and a chorus that really pumps.
"Nina Says it's Raining" first tones reminded me of that song "I never promised you a Rose Garden" of I don't know which sleezy band, but then there's the plunky ska-guitar again. And again they throw in a faster paced rocking chorus, piano softness and what I didn't mention yet: great vocals.
"Island" is a good song that switches between simple versus and a hard-hitting chorus that reminded me to a band like Sum 41 or something. But then in the end there's that synth again, backing up the distorted guitars.
"Corn Flakes and Candles" is just another of those rocking songs I described before. By now I noticed that I especially like the choruses which are usually the fun parts of all the songs. Towards the end of the album (so in their earlier years) there's a more reggae- and ska approach.
"Another Day Goes By" is the real ska stuff at first but again gearing up to a more rocking sound in the later part to even end with a piano fading-out. "Not Too Late" is the fastest song on here with the highest Less Than Jake dosage, but then again LTJ has no synths whatsoever which makes the comparison somewhat faulty.
"Smiling " is the refined cover of the Operation Ivy song which you all know and of course this is the most appealing song at live performances.
"Lift Me Up" first reminded me of Madness due to the piano background, but then the song changes pace with a good sing-along chorus and heavier guitars.

What can I say; these guys have the ability to really get something going here. I really believe that all these guys that are going crazy about the new styled ska-punk and derivatives will like love these guy's entire work and to those who are into the newer power pop-punk branch I suggest you pick it up as well, just for their more recent work.