Bridge and Tunnel - Loss Leaders [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Bridge and Tunnel

Loss Leaders [7 inch] (2009)

Yo Yo

The whole If You Make It scene is putting out so much good music for free right now that I'm more than happy to spend a little cash on the few of them who are actually asking for it. The new Bridge and Tunnel 7" is the latest that I've come across, and is well worth the money.

Opening with powerful screams and weighty bass thumps, "Loss Leaders" is among Bridge and Tunnel's best work yet, showcasing all their strongest points -- aggressive girl/boy vocal harmonies and guitar work far beyond their peers, with atmospheric, vaguely post-rock-ish buildups that give way to their typical style of chaotic punk rock finish.

B-Side "No I'm Not" is orginally by Silent Majority, a band I am admittedly not familiar with, but it's clear that the band have made this song completely their own, and it does not sound out of place with their own work.

This 7" finds Bridge and Tunnel cementing a style they are clearly comfortable in, with two great tracks of the high standard that has come to be expected from them. It does, however, leave me wondering if the band will progress in any way, or continue to churn out more of the same.