504plan - Treehouse Talk (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick


Treehouse Talk (2002)

Little League

The Little League Records bandroster is looking very thin, but they are home to 2 of the most promising bands I heard recently. August Premier was the first to release their stuff and now there's this Chicago foursome with emo driven pop punk rock reminiscent to other Chicago bands as The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio, maybe just playing a notch faster. This is actually a CDep but playing time is nearly 25 minutes, which other labels (like Fat) would call full-lengths. I know this is becoming a phrase I use often but the melodies are mindsticking, guitarplay is hooky, bass is plunky (does the word "plunky" exist?) and the voice is just plain good. In short, all the ingredients are included for my punk needs without being an innovative disc. The techincal aspects of the creation of the EP speak for a professional sound: it was recorded at Sonic Iguana Studios in Lafayette, Indiana and at Bombshelter Studios in Park Ridge, Illinois and it was recorded, produced and engineered by Mr. Precision (Dan Wleklinski), and mastered by Mass Giorgini. Debuts like this could make bands move from the little into the big league.