Man Overboard - Hung Up on Nothing (Cover Artwork)
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Man Overboard

Hung Up on Nothing (2008)


Man Overboard list the Clash, the Anniversary, Hey Mercedes, Weezer, Piebald and the Promise Ring on their MySpace next to "Influences." In an odd discrepancy, they mention a certain other three on the one-sheet for their Hung Up on Nothing EP: Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday and Saves the Day. Mentioning those latter bands sound like common ground for any pop-punk band formed 2003 and onward, and it's easy to guess which of these groups Man Overboard's sound truly tends to trend towards.

Hung Up on Nothing glistens and sparkles thanks to the touch of producer Jesse Cannon (Northstar, Shai Hulud), and MO's songwriting has the occasional, pleasantly poppy punch to back it up. But it's definitely missing a certain something, with too many moments (some of "The Real You," the beginnings of "Disconnect") largely feeling too lethargic and perfunctory to really work.

It's not all terribly passable, though, as "Love Your Friends Die Laughing" is done all right, with an acoustic Taking Back Sunday feel and some group vocals backing up the song's youthful celebration vibe. "Disconnect"'s chorus has some spry movement about it, and "Dude, Are You Kidding Me?" sounds vaguely like one of the darker tracks off Brand New's Your Favorite Weapon. If they concentrate on the particular vibe in that latter track and develop it more, I'd bet their next release could really impress.

For now, Man Overboard just has to work at it. There's a whole hell of a lot of angsty pop-punk bands around and they need a little something more to really stand out.

Love Your Friends Die Laughing
The Real You