Kids Explode / Solemn League - Kids Come Across Solemn and Lost [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Kids Explode / Solemn League

Kids Come Across Solemn and Lost [7 inch] (2008)


Veterans Kids Explode team up with fellow Germans Solemn League for this nifty split 7".

Kids Explode have released a whole hell of a lot of splits -- I think this just so happens to be their latest. It kicks off with "Hotel Rooms," a spiky track of dancey Dischord post-hardcore somewhat reminiscent of Q and Not U, only with a bit more sass and spazziness in the vocal area. I'd draw a comparison to the Blood Brothers because of that, but there's way more restraint here. "Yards and Remixes" is the band's other contribution, a remix of "Yards and Miles," a song which initially appeared on their 2007 split with End of a Year. With some dance beats and electronic blips, along with an array of vocal styles (scratchy, high-pitched yell in the chorus like Davey Havok; bizarre mutter), it sort of comes off like a less crazy Error meets Crass meets less `80s Blaqk Audio thing, yet it's surprisingly effective in the process.

While KE's two songs are solid, Solemn League match them punch for punch. They've been around since 2006, but it seems that all they've released besides this is a demo tape about a year ago. Their two songs, "Give the Cat a Name" and "Turns" remind me a lot of JR Ewing circa Malestrom, only more straightforward and with deeper, less ethereal vocals. There's a bit of a heavy jangle á la Wipers, too, a band who are no strangers to other reviews Solemn League's gotten. It's a very cool, promising mix and I'd love to hear what they come up with in a full-length format.

A real solid peek at two neat German bands. I knew Velveteen weren't name-dropping their buds in "Interlude: DJ Affair" for nothin'.

Kids Explode - Hotel Rooms
Solemn League - Give the Cat a Name
Solemn League - Turns