Whiskey and Co. / Ninja Gun - Under the Influence Vol. 2 [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Whiskey and Co. / Ninja Gun

Under the Influence Vol. 2 [7 inch] (2008)

Suburban Home

This is the second 7" that was released for the Under the Influence series that Suburban Home Records and the Vinyl Collective have helped put out. What is great about the series, in my mind, is that there are always great picks. In this case, we get Whiskey and Co. covering the Pogues and Ninja Gun taking on the Kinks.

Whiskey and Co. cover "Tuesday Morning" (written by Spider Stacy) from the 1993 album Waiting for Herb, which came after Shane MacGowan's departure from the band. It was the band's first Top 100 song since "Fairytale of New York." It's a very well-done take, making it more country than Irish-sounding. What is nice about the sound is that there is still a banjo being played, much like the original. Kim has a very nice voice and it adds a nice feeling to the song.

Ninja Gun take on "Where I Belong," from the `60s-era Kinks. What makes this cover so great is how it sounds very much like a song from the `60s, with the harmonizing vocals and the sound of the guitar licks between vocal lines. What's funny is that they sounds more like the Byrds rather than the Kinks on this recording.

Another well-done record in this series, especially the Mitch Clem artwork as well.