Mustard Plug / Bomb the Music Industry! - Under the Influence Vol. 3 [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Mustard Plug / Bomb the Music Industry!

Under the Influence Vol. 3 [7 inch] (2008)

Suburban Home

Mustard Plug covering Fugazi? Bomb the Music Industry! covering Pavement? Who would've thought! One would never think of Fugazi and Pavement as influences on ska bands. But you know what? It works! This is probably my favorite release of the Under the Influence series so far, especially due to the fact that Mustard Plug and Bomb the Music Industry! are covering two bands on almost the opposite end of the music spectrum.

Mustard Plug takes on "Waiting Room" from Fugazi. The original has a type of dance groove to it, which makes it one good reason for a ska band to cover it. But, instead of speeding the tempo up, Mustard Plug slows it down to a slow groove. The addition of a horn section makes the song sound like their own creation. Excellent job all around (especially from a recording that was done in a apartment).

Bomb the Music Industry! cover "Gold Soundz" from indie darlings Pavement. Unlike Mustard Plug, they take a song and speed it up and change the sound spectrum entirely. It still sounds like Bomb the Music Industry!, but a really ska-heavy version. Aside from the vocals, it made me think of 1997-era Mighty Mighty Bosstones, sound-wise. A few moments make it feel like a comical take.

If you haven't heard the original versions of "Waiting Room" and "Gold Soundz" yet, I highly recommend you check them out. Then buy this record and enjoy.