Die Nakse Bananen - Untitled (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Die Nakse Bananen

Untitled (2001)


This Dutch band is sounding so damn old-styled that it made me feel like I was 16 again (I should probably mention I'm 33 now). These guys have in fact been going since 1990, but I remember listening to this kind of music way before that year. Bands in those times were sounding fierce and poltical correct (although there's no politics in this band's lyrics), something this era surely lacks. I'm one of those dinosaurs I guess, who survived the transition this whole punkscene has gone through and who loves bands that bring us sweet melodies and emotive lyrics, but it has to be said that this "primitive" 3 chord straight forward music offers so much more wit and balls. When I listen to this album, I see myself standing in a basement of a squatted house, surrounded by some mohawk-guys drinking cheep beer, pogo-ing on stage and yelling in the microphones. Well, that was then, this in now. And these guys have not followed the new trends, that's the least you can say with their high speed guitars and the typical screaming vocals. The great thing about the album was the high fun-dosage in it, although sounding furious. In fact there's quite some good sing-alongs in it, which I'm sure will do good on live occasions. They even managed to include a little ska-aspect in "Trendy Asshole". This is simple music, has been self-released, has no professional sound and won't please the average Epitaph, Fat leave alone Drive-Thru Records fan, but if you were ever wondering what a good punkband in the early days was sounding, this band could be a good reference. It surely brought back memories to me and I like the band's motto: "Punk is not dead, you just forgot it sucker!". I'm not sure if I like the Oi-parts in their songs but I surely have to give this band credit for bringing back memories that were hidden somewhere inside my head