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The Noisy Shore (2008)


It's tempting to first write off Deadlights as yet another melodic hardcore-addled pop-punk band, with a youthfully scratchy, raspy lead vocalist who isn't exactly the best of the bunch. But a few listens in reveal a band who revels well in fairly straightforward territory, with fast, fun and punchy songs that don't need glossy production or stupid gimmicks to enhance it.

The opening title track to The Noisy Shore EP is peppered with able gang vocals and a refreshing urgency. I think that's some hoarse growling of sorts towards the end, but it's low in the mix and not too ridiculous at all, so it works. Their singer's just endearing enough in "Tag 'Em and Bag 'Em," which has excellently melodic chords, attention-keeping tempo changes and one part I would call "totally emo" if I wasn't so serious about that word. There's cool quasi-skatepunk tones to the Title Fight-esque "G.O.L.D.R.U.S.H.", too, while parts of closer "McGinnis Colors" sound surprisingly well-conceived for such a young band.

And those gang vocals, my. They love 'em, but it works pretty well, in kind of an early Set Your Goals way. They're all over "It's Always Garbage Night Somewhere," but it's workin'.

The Noisy Shore is the perpetual dark horse in the pop-punk race, a superbly scrappy Connecticut act who seems to know what they're doing and will hopefully work at their craft to eclipse the popularity of less deserving peers.

The Noisy Shore

The Noisy Shore