Elway - ...Too Bad (as 10-4 Eleanor) (Cover Artwork)


...Too Bad (as 10-4 Eleanor) (2009)

Death to False Hope

Ah yes, 10-4 Eleanor…

I remember getting the privilege of seeing these classy punk rock gents last New Year's Eve like it was yesterday. A 10-minute long medley composed of artists ranging from Will Smith to NOFX, attempted circle pits around an entire basement in some kid's house, drunken punkers unabashedly disrupting some brosephs' crucial beer pong games, sing-along after sing-along with stupid 2009 glasses on…I think you get the picture. Bullshit aside, I've known some of the dudes in this band for a long ass time, and truth be told, they eat, breathe and fart punk rock (I mean this in the best of ways!).

10-4 Eleanor as a band isn't fixed on solving the world food crises (though I am sure they care about it), or usurping the evil capitalist regime we all live under (though I am sure they wouldn't mind); the point being, is they just want to have some fun, AND FUN IS WHAT THEY GIVE! Their new release titled …Too Bad is roughly 40 minutes of clinking empty bottles, riding bikes with your friends on summer nights, Midwestern punk rock. To me, and this could just be my bias of having former knowledge of some of the members, …Too Bad sounds like if you gave Greg Graffin and Chris McCaughan's love child a mic, and put him on stage with As the Eternal Cowboy playing on repeat in the backdrop.

For me, the CD keeps getting stronger as it goes on. The first song, "Whispers in a Shot Glass" instantly puts a smile on the listener's face with its anomalous intro, and from there on out it's nothin' but drowned out livers, shattered hearts and all those other idiosyncrasies that make adolescence so wonderful. I would go into every song, and extract which lyrics I personally enjoy, but for all of our general welfare, I will spare us.

If you like punk on a "less serious" note (don't mistake that for insincere), and just want a solid soundtrack to BBQ with your buddies to this summer, then pick this up. I am attaching the link where you can download their CD, and if you happen to have a few bucks you could donate in these trying economic times, then I am sure they would appreciate every spared penny.