The Bodies - Firepower is Our Business (Cover Artwork)

The Bodies

Firepower is Our Business (2001)


Still another awesome installment to the TKO catalogue, the reissue of the "Firepower is Our Business" E.P. is a great primer for anyone unfamiliar with this truly amazing band. Quick hooks and raw sound probably best characterize the music of this band, and I can't think of any band that it seems to replicate. Singer Abe First is a nice reminder that you don't have to hollar and roar to be good singer in a gritty punk band. Though he doesn't display much range (who cares?), Abe does exhibit a nice melodious touch to the rhythm. Another highlight of this record is drummer Harley Arnold's display of his rhythm skills. This is undoubtedly one of the best drummers in punk rock, as the quickly changing riffs grant him no easy melody to follow along. In case you don't know, the Bodies are one of the few punk bands that possess a patriotic attitude, and in lieu of so many anti-patriotic punk bands, this itself is a rebellion against the status quo. Still, regardless of your politics, this album is a worthy purchase.