Boys Night Out - Boys Night Out (Cover Artwork)

Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out (2007)


It's easy for me to imagine the guys in Boys Night Out all sitting around, discussing which direction to go after the great concept album that was Trainwreck and just saying, "Fuck it, let's have fun." And that's exactly what this record is: fun. The band's sound continues to evolve into a poppier rock sound than previous records with this self-titled effort. And I gotta say, I don't hate it.

The album starts off with "Get Your Head Straight," a pop-rock tune with crunchy, technical guitars and Connor Lovat-Fraser's always great vocals. The band's guitar work (at least since Trainwreck) has made this band stick out for me in the pop-punk/pop-rock genre, and sometimes reminds me a bit of bands like Gatsbys American Dream, with their technical guitar fills (listen to a song like "Swift and Unforgiving").

While some may not like the poppier direction of the new music, I think the band pulls it off perfectly. The record is filled with big hooks and the choruses for songs like "Up with Me" and "Let Me Be Your Swear Word" (which seems to be a song about getting wasted and makin' sweet, sweet love) will stay stuck in your head for days.

Sometimes the production can be a bit much; at a couple points it kind of sounds like the singer is singing through one of those jungle gym tubes I used to crawl through when I was little. But with songs like "Fall for the Drinker" with its HUGE chorus, I can't say it makes much of a difference for me.

The album does have a few low points for me, though -- mostly when the band decides to pull out some old tricks with the screaming. I don't mind a little screaming in my music when it sounds natural. But on this album it sounds like they're kinda forcing it to make the old fans happy.

The album ends with "It Won't Be Long," which is one of my favorite BNO songs, ever. The slow build to the giant chorus, and the lyrics about a killer who hangs himself in front of a large crowd, gives me goosebumps every time.

If you like Trainwreck, buy this record. Just don't take it too seriously.