Only Thieves - Greetings from Levy Park, T.L.H. (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Only Thieves

Greetings from Levy Park, T.L.H. (2009)


Take a look at that album art. Looks familiar, doesn't it? Yes, Tallahassee, FL trio Only Thieves may worship at the First Church of The Boss, but their sound is hardly that of some of the other wildly popular members of the congregation we've come to know and love, instead taking a decidedly more original approach to their brand of power-pop on Greetings from Levy Park, T.L.H.

"Hammered for the Holidays" kicks things off on a solid note, the minimal intro featuring some neat guitar work and galloping drums to set the tone. And speaking of tones, those guitar tones are mighty warm on both "I Got Left Behind" and EP closer "Does This Bus Stop at 8th Ave?", the latter also getting a little angular in the first verse and the vocals of Jeremy Barnes becoming more and more rushed and frantic as the song wears on, but it's never too grating or outlandish.

The composition is slightly discordant and the lyrics a tad repetitive in "Watertower Scars," but those pounding drums are impressive and reel the song in enough to make it enjoyable. Infectious hooks line the verses of "Ghosts in Your Room" and the guitar work is fairly compelling, which is always a plus.

Greetings from Levy Park, T.L.H. is a short, fun listen that ought to be enjoyable to anyone who digs focused, cohesive power-pop. Just don't expect something on the level of The Boss. Why would you?