Calculator - Arguments (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Arguments (2008)


Calculator aren't an entirely easy band to categorize or describe. They've got a sound that's clearly inspired by early screamo acts, but it's not nearly as abrasive or discordant, closer resembling the type of subtly dynamic post-hardcore Thursday was doing early on and On the Might of Princes tried later in their tenure.

I want to say that Arguments resides somewhere between an elder like Neil Perry and a peer like L'antietam, but they're way less hostile than the former and really only relate to the latter's more relaxed moments. Their guitars will occasionally have a semi-spazzy jangle, but there's so much restraint the band clearly make their own. Their vocals are hoarsely sung with a raw coating, but things never spiral into a truly desperate, depressing hole. Consequently, as aforementioned there's sort of a Waiting-era Thursday vibe here, though hardly as emotionally bare and blessed with a much better recording.

"FriendsLikePaddles" is both the best example of these traits and the best track on this EP, winding down with some group vocals that definitely have some camraderie about them, while "Presence" dances along with a strangely upbeat feel. "Memorial" has a distinct moment where their vocalist shouts "Explosions / in / the sky!" and you sort of just want to say "yes, good band."

Arguments shows a lot of potential, as Calculator provide a somehow familiar yet unique sound that, while does need some more development, has a very solid foundation to work upon.


Arguments EP