Black Flag - Everything Went Black (Cover Artwork)

Black Flag

Everything Went Black (1982)


[This album has unreleased material from 1978 to 1981, I don't know when it came out.]

Well, kiddies, out come the wolves.

There is no way to review an album like this without starting a major war. Everyone who has ever heard Black Flag has their own opinion as to who was the best singer. I expect that if you read the comments below, there will be some sort of flaming war...or if not, there probably will be one coming. Asking this question, is like putting two comic geeks in a cramped little room, and asking them...uh, well anything about comics.

However, flame wars aside, this album features not one, but three pre-Rollins singers shouting their way through several Black Flag classics such as "Depression," "Gimme Gimme Gimme," and "White Minority." If you've heard Flag before, you probably know what to expect. Loud, aggressive punk rock with Fuzz-distorted guitars, pounding bass, and all. Good shit and I recommend you pick it up. If you've only heard "TV Party," then I recommend this album more. Hardcore punk has evolved in the last twenty years, and bands like this are a dying breed. No one (well, maybe Minor Threat) ever played hardcore as harsh and with as much reckless abandon as the Flag did. It's good that punk has evolved beyond this, but sometimes I miss the old shit. It's nice to be able to put on this album whenever I get in that mood. Besides, this album has three different versions of "Depression" (my favorite Black Flag song) and they're all pretty damn good.

Also included, is a track of random radio promos of Black Flag shows which is worth one listen.

Oh yeah, and my favorite is Chavo (then, Rollins).