The Side Project - New Brain [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

The Side Project

New Brain [7 inch] (2009)

Traffic Street

I found out about this band only about six months ago and have already thought they were great. So when I heard that Traffic Street Records was putting out their record I jumped at pre-ordering it. (I highly recommend pre-ordering from Traffic Street Records; they throw in a bunch of cool shit and their prices are GREAT).

Each song on New Brain has a tight and speedy melody, but combines it with snotty, but clear vocals. The riffs are straight out of the Screeching Weasel handbook, but when combined with some thick baselines and crispy drumming, it doesn't come off as a Screeching Weasel wannabe band. Or as I've quoted as saying in the past; "The Side Project have a mastery of pop-punk in the vein of Teenage Bottlerocket and more lyrical hooks than you can shake a stick at. Pair that with great vocals reminiscent of Moral Crux in their heyday and you've got a band worth falling head over heels for."

This is where I would normally say what songs I like best, but I really enjoy each of the songs in their own right. If someone twisted my arm and I had to name a favorite I guess it would be "Caffeine and Nicotine," just because it is so damn catchy and gets stuck in your head very easy.

Not only is this a great little album, but I really love the simple cover art and think it would make a great tattoo.