Capital - Blind Faith [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Blind Faith [7 inch] (2009)

Iron Pier / Just a Audial

Capital's Blind Faith 7" can be summed up by three familiar words: quality over quantity. There's only three jams to be had here, but they're so excellent that the record's curt length can be forgiven.

If you've heard both Capital full-lengths, you basically know what to expect here: slightly gruff, Silent Majority-esque (alum) melodic hardcore punk with a good creative flair and brilliant tempo changes. And this time around, the recording is hands-down great. "Out of Business" opens with a wailing riff and then a dynamic punch, going on to poke fun at the greedy faults of trend-chasing record labels. The other original, title track "Blind Faith" is a smart agnosticism/atheism anthem that tries to build a bridge between those who believe and those who don't, while levying criticism at the former for using it as a means of violence. It's got a great musical moment where it just accelerates into double-time, too. A superb cover of Dag Nasty's "I've Heard" closes the record.

The fact is, there's only three songs here in the first place because they were originally intended for a split with Crime in Stereo that never materialized due to the flakiness of a certain label who seemed pretty stoked about it at first. But they've finally been released after nearly four years, and they rule, proving one final cliché: Patience really is a virtue.

Out of Business
Blind Faith

I've Heard (Dag Nasty)