Direct Control - Direct Control [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

Direct Control

Direct Control [7 inch] (2008)

Grave Mistake

Direct Control come straight out of Virginia and bring with them a no-nonsense approach towards hardcore music. There's no question that the work of Ian MacKaye has helped to shape the band's sound in one way or another. The aggressive styling of Minor Threat seems to resonate through much of this release and in many ways Direct Control sounds a lot like the D.C. punk bands of yesteryear.

Their EP contains six killer tracks that touch on social and political issues along with substance abuse. While many bands before them have assumed this platform, Direct Control brings a new perspective to these topics making them sound both unique and freshly appealing.

Songs like "Religious Rampage" and "Bone to Pick" are full of energy and help to define the band's creativity and wit.

In "Bone to Pick," frontman Brandon Ferrell addresses the problems gripping his hometown, yelling: "I just wanna move away. Take a shit on the RVA. Drop an A bomb on the town. Watch it burn right to the ground." These words seem to capture the anger that he feels towards his own dismal environment, which is a sentiment that I'm sure others can relate to as well.

Overall, the members of Direct Control seem to have their fingers on the pulse of what's taboo in today's society. In short three-to-four-minute songs they bring these issues to the foreground and shift them into focus with their relentless brand of brutal honesty and truthfulness.

This self-titled release is a strong musical effort and I doubt that it'll be the last we'll hear from this group.