Skankin' Pickle - The Green Album (Cover Artwork)

Skankin' Pickle

The Green Album (1996)


Pickles are easily one of my favorite vegtables. They compliment nearly every type of sandwhich, and you just can beat a dill spear in the morning. The same goes for Skankin' Pickle. They compliment nearly every style of mix tape, and their ska/punk is delightful to wake up to. This was Mike Park's last album with Skankin' Pickle. Originally planned as a cover ep, it consists mostly of cover songs chosen by each of the band members, but there are a few original Skankin' Pickle tunes as well(old demos from 89 re-recorded). The most notable covers are "Pay to Cum" by Bad Brains, "Start Today" by Gorilla Biscuits, and "Special Brew", one of the greatest ska songs ever, by Bad Manners. "My Hair", "Ties that Bind", and "Rest of the World" are three of the better Skankin' Pickle songs, but there really isn't what I would call a "what a piece of shite, why did I waste my time listening to that" track on the entire album. The most amazing fact about the Green Album is the budget. $735 !! Proof that little money does not always equal bad sound quality. Skankin' Pickle's musicianship is primo quality on the Green Album. Diverse vocals, a solid rhythm section, and horns as only Skankin' Pickle can deliver. Their happy-go-lucky style of ska/punk may not appeal to everyone, but they will impress with talent alone. This is probably the most recognizable Skankin' Pickle album, and with good reason. Anything with pickles and Gorilla Biscuits is classic material.