NOFX/Mad Caddies/Frenzal Rhomb - live in New York City (Cover Artwork)

NOFX / Mad Caddies / Frenzal Rhomb

live in New York City (2002)

live show

frank grimes

I walked into Irving Plaza on Friday night about halfway through Frenzal Rhomb's set. I'm not really a huge fan of this band, but they are good live. I've seen them once before at the Warped Tour in 98. Last night wasn't much different, kinda boring, but if your a fan of this band you probably would have liked it much more than I did. It's pretty much the same deal for me with the Mad Caddies, I like them, but not enough to go buy their stuff. However, they are a talented band , once again, if your a big fan of this band you would've been more excited than i was.

NOFX is a completely different story. There where plenty of screams just for the roadies tuning up the guitars, so you can imagine what it was like when NOFX actually took the stage. As usual they started in with a couple of jokes, i think about fat mike having hemmoroids, then they broke into their version of Rancid's "Olympia, Wa". Which was fun to hear in New York City(duh). Someone in the audience commented on the split and how the Rancid songs sucked. Hefe then gave a pretty funny impression of Freeman's vocals on "Don't Call Me White". Another highlight was when they played "Buggely Eyes" directly into "The Decline"( from "And so we go on with are lives....")with a Mad Caddie filling in on trombone.The whole place went completely crazy when they played "Linoleum". "Murder the Government" had some new lyrics, if i remember correctly it went, " I wanna see Dick Cheney have a heart attack, wanna see no one go to Iraq, wanna watch the president drop fucking dead". Speaking of the president, NOFX played a new song that they said they wrote two days ago called, "Idiot Son of an Asshole". It was pretty funny, but not a really great song.I thought that "Lori Meyers" was really cool live, Melivin sang the girl's part. They ended the show with "Theme from a NOFX album", Melvin played the accordian(not too well). At the end all of NOFX's friends came on stage and sang their part:timmy the turtle(who was a dick to me at the door), limo, etc.. All in all it was a really good time. NOFX sounded great, they really deserve to be where they are.

Here are the songs they played on Friday(not in order, i may miss 1 or 2):
Olympia, Wa
Fuck the Kids
Six Pack Girls
Stickin in My Eye
Murder the Government
Kill All the White Man
Buggely Eyes
Together in the Sand
Perfect Government
Lori Meyers
The Brews
Punk Rock Elite
Flossing a Dead Horse
What's the Matter With Parents Today
Hotdog in a Hallway
Pharmasist's Daughter
End of The Decline
Bottles to the Ground
Dinosaurs Will Die
All of Me
Idiot Son of an Asshole
Theme from a NOFX album