Wormburner - Wormburner [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Wormburner [7 inch] (2009)


Wormburner play a type of scrappy pop-punk with prickly, more intricate guitar work that just about picks up right where Get Bent left off. Their first practice took place less than a year ago and they've already released a fresh 7" with a solid interpretation of it.

Featuring current or ex-members of North Lincoln and Traffic and Weather, Wormburner play with a hint of the prairie in their mid-tempo sound, much like other Salinas acts. But there's something that's pretty unique about it, from the anthemic regrets of opener "If Life Is a Highway I'm Totally Fucked" to the careful noodles and lyrical self-deprecation that pervades "December, Every Year."

Wormburner is a super solid debut, and one hopes the band can come up with a thematic and consistent full-length effort of this stuff.

Wormburner 7"