Brandtson - Dial In Sounds (Cover Artwork)


Dial In Sounds (2002)

Deep Elm

First off, lets make sure that both of us are here for the right reasons....

You like emo??

If the answer is "no", or something akin to "emo is the most terrible bastardization of punk rock in its history", please use the back button and we'll see ya later...thanks for coming

If the answer is "yes", you're in for something very special with this, Brandtson's third full length lp.

Having never heard anything from these guys before, I was stunned after I had finished listening to Dial In Sounds.

10 tracks and not a single fucking filler amongst them. Sure some tracks are stronger than others, but this album is quality from start to finish.

"Mark It A Zero" kicks things off with a bang..."The Rookie Year" has a chorus that will have u belting it out by the 3rd listen, "With Friends Like You" is superb, and if u're not hooked by now, when "Cherokee Red" is blasting you will be, you will be...:)

And the rest of the album just keeps it coming....staying slow for "Command Q, Command Z"....then cranking it a bit for the excellent "Guest List", "Anything And Everything" will have you singing " against the world..", and the final two tracks bring things to a very impressive conclusion.

Superbly produced (not overproduced), with catchy melodies and at times very powerful guitars, i cannot recommend this album enough. I have no doubt that when 2002 is over and done, Dial In Sounds will be remembered as one of the finest albums to have graced it.