Lickgoldensky - Demo [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Demo [7 inch] (2009)

Square of Opposition

Lickgoldensky's original demo, recorded a solid decade-plus ago (1998), is just now being presented on wax format. The band, whose members went onto acts like Gods and Queens, Versoma, Get Fucked and others, definitely had a nice foundation at the outset here.

This demo is a solid four songs of violent, discordant, screamy hardcore that acts as a fine update on the early `90s Gravity sound. Now, a much wider range of influences would pervade Lickgoldensky's later songs. But here, still, there's a lot more control and a much more methodical sense than one would be lead to believe by such direct Angel Hair and Heroin nods. There's sort of an agitated ebb and flow to portions like "Molested by Athlete." The general recording is also really clear and thorough considering it was only the band's first demo or so.

Definitely worth a listen for history buffs and worth owning for the diehards.

Molested by Athlete