Catch 22 - live in Philadelphia/Jacksonvi (Cover Artwork)

Catch 22

live in Philadelphia/Jacksonvi (2002)

live show

Loyd Christmas

There are certain bands that you can see a million times and everytime they play better than the last. One of these bands are Catch 22. On December 31st Catch 22 sold the trocadero out in Philly. It is one of Philly's biggest Venues for those who dont know. They played with Wakefield (although I was on the train at the time). Auto Pilot Off who played an incredible set. The always incredible Ensign, who got the crowd Two-stepping and having fun. The Movielife who are one of those bands that know matter who you are you like. And then head lining was catch 22. They opened up with the new song straight foward, and the crowd was going. They then played some old songs, and there wasnt a person in the house singing along. On stage the guys seemed really stoked to play in front of such a great crowd. At the end of the set Kevin announced that this was the greatest moment in his music career to have sold out the trocadero. They closed the set with an auncore supernothing. It was one of those shows that you find hard to top.

About a week later I got in my car and drove back to school in sunny redneck north florida. I was stoked to see at the local cd store to see a flyer for The Suicide Machines and Catch 22 for January 22 at the free bird Cafe. The local Jacksonville Hardcore Favorites opened up Evergreen Terrace who are incredible live. They have an awsome metal hardcore sound and they also play one of the greatest covers I have ever heard of U2s Sunday Bloody Sunday. Than Catch 22 came one. The Free Bird Cafe is a cool local venue that is not that big and it is a great place to have sing alongs at. Again they just blew me away. This time it was not neer home and they still played an incredible set. The suicide Machines came on next played next and well they are the suicide machines so what else can I say but they are friggen awsome. This is the second time I had seen them play and they are so fun to watch.

After the show I got a chance to talk to Kevin and he was stoked to here that I was at the troc show. He was still so happy about having the troc show sellout he said that I was the 10th person that he had talked to on the tour that was at that show. He was also really happy to be on tour with the suicide machines. He claimed them to be the nicest band to be on tour with. We talked for a bit more and I got on my way, only to be pulled over later that night for speeding on my way home. The cop pulled me over and asked if I knew why I was getting pulled over and well I thought to myself its because I am from NJ.

I highly recommend that everyone checks out Catch 22 on the Victory tour with Reach the sky it is going to be a hell of a show.