Higher Giant - The First Five [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Higher Giant

The First Five [7 inch] (2009)

Runner Up / Creep

Higher Giant comprise ex-members of Warzone, Grey Area, Kid Dynamite and others, though their sound is a slight surprise when spinning their debut 7", The First Five.

Instead of full-throttle melodic hardcore, the sound on The First Five leans closer to slick, mid-tempo `90s melodic punk circa CIV and the Bouncing Souls' poppiest moments. Okay, so it's not an insane stretch, but things might be a little slower and poppier than one would expect. But Higher Giant have a decent hold onto the sound anyway, especially in mid-record standout, "The Dealer," where the narrator (Ernie Parada playing himself?) waxes poetic about his auto parts shop job and the general energy in the song is a bit more bristling. Closer "Dangerous" is a pretty fun upbeat closer for a song about awkward domestic relationship issues.

This is a decent debut, but I'd like to see what Higher Giant are hiding up their sleeve for the next five.

The First Five