Child Bite / This Moment in Black History - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Child Bite / This Moment in Black History

Split [7 inch] (2009)

Forge Again

Child Bite and This Moment in Black History's split together is a lot less disparate than I'd imagined. Based on past releases, I was pretty sure the former does kind of an avant-garde noise-pop thing and the latter a Bronx-y garage punk thing. Who knew both their songs would vaguely sound like noisy, off-kilter `90s rock á la Drive Like Jehu?

Child Bite's "Mammal Manners" has some sort of brass instrument creating a great, solid hook before the song gets a little spazzier and guitars start to flail and crunch, while This Moment in Black History have "It's Everything We Do," where they use some keyboards instead in sort of a Locust-esque way, but still have those shouted, dissonant vocals that somehow remind me of DLJ nonetheless.

I would probably just recommend this for fans of either band to check out the compact weirdness they've come up with, but the screenprinted cover and transparent blue wax is pretty cool too.