The Mostly Dead - Slightly [7 inch] / Alive [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Mostly Dead

Slightly [7 inch] / Alive [7 inch] (2009)

Mighty Science

The Mostly Dead is a mostly unknown hardcore band who issued a pair of companion 7"s on the same day earlier this year. Seems like a weird and potentially pricey package to produce for a band of their size, but hey, do what feels right, I guess.

What the Mostly Dead feel is slightly rock'n'roll-tinged hardcore I'd cautiously compare to Suicide File, but TMD are way less heavy and up front. They're fast and aggressive, but more in like a `90s Epitaph way if that makes any sense. Slightly is the first of these two 7"s and provides six songs citing seamless examples of such. The sound is never too confrontational and the vocals are sort of a hoarse, understated shout.

Stylistically, the companion, Alive doesn't depart too much, but it is definitely faster and more abrasive. In fact, the punctuating chords and opening lines of Side A starter "Stutter" -- "I want it / I need it / You got it" -- reminds me quite a bit of Celebrity Murders. The rest of the record features more brief blasts that cut deeper than Slightly and make for a sharp, focused listen.

Though this pair of records is *slightly* uneven, it's a still a solid 11-song collection of songs (which probably could've been rolled onto one disc or record all the same).

Culture Dog (Slightly)
Lost in Space (Slightly)
You Mean That? (Slightly)
Eville (Slightly)
Stutter (Alive)
Nevernude (Alive)
You Suck at Interventions (Alive)
Opposition (Alive)