Jonesin' / Dude Jams - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Jonesin' / Dude Jams

Split [7 inch] (2009)

Muy Auténtico / Dirt Cult

Jonesin' and Dude Jams team up for another quick slab of pop-punk.

Jonesin' performs the more gravelly kind on Side A, with their "band anthem song" "Jonesin'" pretty much about hating Long Island and one's own situation in life overall. "Coming Around" is one of the band's better songs to date, a very D4-ish jam with really punctual, well-placed "hey!"s.

Dude Jams have a more snotty and not quite as realized brand of the style on the other side, and while their jams are kinda forgettable they're a worthwhile listen solely for their sheer brashness.

Jonesin' - Jonesin'
Jonesin' - Come Around

Dude Jams - Shit Fit