The Answer - Never Too Late (Cover Artwork)
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The Answer

Never Too Late (2008)

The End

Classic hard rock necrophiliacs the Answer's North American debut EP, Never Too Late promises to appeal to fans of Led Zeppelin, Free, AC/DC, Black Crowes and Kings of Leon. Or at least, that's what the black sticker on the packaging claims. The band specializes in recycling riffs and rhythms well past their `70s heyday. Assuming Org readers are even into this, essentially the antithesis `77 punk rebelled against, they'd still be better off playing any of the RIYL bands listed above.

Oh no, my Irish friends, it is too late for your Led Zep-loving brand of classic rock. We here in the States have been enduring the likes of Hinder, Buckcherry and Silvertide for years, and lemme tell ya, this pseudo-bluesy bar bullshit has got to stop. I hate Aerosmith. I hate Robert Plant. I love The Hobbit, but I hate Led Zeppelin. The Answer's self-indulgent, overly long guitar solos (overly long songs in general, for that matter), whining, grating vocals, and trite, pointless lyrics combine to form a maelstrom of weak songwriting. If you're going to rip off bands from 30 years ago, couldn't you settle for the Clash, or at the very least, the ominous sludge of Black Sabbath?