Coffee Project - Pickle (Cover Artwork)

Coffee Project

Pickle (2009)

Paper + Plastick

I don't know why so many solid musicians sprout in Gainesville, Florida. Whatever the reason, Coffee Project is one of the latest bands to come from the city, and I want to admit: I'm stoked.

As a recent Paper and Plastick signee, Coffee Project consists of two members, a couple of acoustic guitars, a trombone, and a dog. Buddy Schaub (who you might recognize as the trombonist from Less Than Jake) is one member of this power duo…

There's big trouble in little Gainesville, and I still wanna stay, ‘cause there's a magnet pulling me!"
The first song, "Big Trouble in Gainesville" is what you might expect from a pair of musicians playing acoustic ska. It has a medium tempo. The tune is tight and catchy from the start. The lyrics are reflective of what it's like to live in a college town after most of your college friends have moved on to other (and greater?) things. There is nothing about this song I didn't like…
I spent all of my beer money getting' rid of your fleas, so you could be outside playing with your friends again."
I love this guy. The second song, "Oh Sweet Pickle" is an upbeat ode to the lead singer's best friend: his dog. Every second of this happy acoustic ska song is catchy. It's impossible to get just one part of it out of your head. The only downside is a spoiler in the lyrics about a certain TV show from the `90s that I've yet to see (Twin Peaks). Other than that, I have no complaints.

The Pickle EP is the band's second release this year. Their first P+P release in January -- Easy Does It -- had eight songs. This EP has only two. But don't let that discourage you. Check out these songs. For this genre of music, they might be as close to perfect as one could expect. If this EP is any indication of how good the band's debut (and as yet unannounced) full-length will be, then my prediction is that that album will be getting a 5 out of 5 star rating from me.

4/5 stars for these two songs only, and only when compared to other two or three-song EPs.