We'll Go Machete - We'll Go Machete (Cover Artwork)
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We'll Go Machete

We'll Go Machete (2009)

Cedar Fever

We'll Go Machete specialize in the style of `90s post-hardcore rock that mixes Jawbox-style crunch with Quicksand-minded grit and higher-scale, upper register yells at the forefront with perfectly noodly, slightly spastic guitars laying the groundwork.

There's a pretty strong vocal hook in opener "Red Maddens the Bull," while a swaying guitar lead propels the fussily mid-paced "Number 12." Meanwhile, "Archibald" has another methodical groove to it and "The Old Beast Will Crumble" has a murky, jaunty ebb to its procession. But really, the whole EP is packed solid with tight jams.

We'll Go Machete have unleashed a very promising self-titled debut EP. It's hard to find bands doing this sound, but it's even harder to find ones doing a good impression of it.

Red Maddens the Bull
Number 12
All at Sea