Death on Wednesday - Buying the Lie (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Death on Wednesday

Buying the Lie (2001)


To get straight to the point, Death on Wednesday is what would likely happen if Glenn Danzig and Morrissey (of the Smiths) had a child, and he took over vocals from Mike Ness fronting Social Distortion.

While those are pretty credentials as it stands, and would likely result in a pretty impressive record, this record actually ended up being better than the sum of it's musical parts.

Technically, this is mid-tempo pop-punk, with some serious 50s rock, and blues influences. The tracks don't ever hit the breakneck speed of producer Trevor Keith's band Face to Face, but that's ok, because there are enough hooks, and cool guitar parts to make the slower tempo interesting.

I generally like to avoid making 'influence' or 'sounds-like' references, because it often makes the band sound like they're derivative. I should stress that Death on Wednesday is one wholly original act. I haven't been this impressed with a new sound since I heard Four Minute Mile or Bloodlust Revenge for that matter.

Which is saying a lot, because I get a lot of sample discs, and considering I could probably listen to a new band every day, leaving this one on repeat for days like I did shows that, all reviewer-snobby-nonsense aside, this is a great record; it's catchy, original, and there is consistently new and exciting things to hear in each track.

If you're open-minded, and want to give a less SoCal sounding band a chance, you could do a lot worse than this excellent record. Expand your mind duuude.