The Revelators - We Told You Not to Cross Us... (Cover Artwork)

The Revelators

We Told You Not to Cross Us... (1997)


This is a hastily-thrown-together review in order to correct a glaring omission to the reviews section. Introductions out of the way, let's get to the facts. The Revelators were the truth. Their record, We Told You Not to Cross Us... proves that.

And frankly, there is no logical reason why this band or this record existed. They were from the middle of the country, were farmers by trade (they based their touring schedule around harvests), had basically no following, actually had no bass player, and pretty much wrote one of the most bombastic, no-frills hell-hounds of a record ever created. The band comes off as a mix of Lazy Cowgirls, '68 Comeback and New Bomb Turks, eyeing not only to party with a fist in the air, but also to get a message across (as in jams like "These Calloused Hands").

From the open howls of "Ain't Got a Thing," the Revelators tear down the walls of blues, punk and country and build a monument to their hallowed glory. Every syllable uttered from lead singer Jeremiah Kidwell sounds like he is preaching gospel, and every song roars forth with searing conviction. Even when the band slows down ("Hillbilly Wolf" and a few other gems), the band still brings it as hard as it can.

It can't be said enough that this classic needs to be heard by a new generation. Throw on We Told You Not to Cross Us... and enjoy the ride.