Math the Band - Don't Worry (Cover Artwork)

Math the Band

Don't Worry (2009)

Slanty Shanty

OK, so you know how people are often fond of comparing MC Lars to Atom & His Package? Maybe even proclaiming him as a successor or something? Whilst Lars is clearly influenced and openly admits to being a fan of Mr. Goren, Math the Band kind of pips him to the post in the worshipping/copying/spiritually succeeding stakes.

A giddy high-pitched voice, cutesy synth-heavy pop songs about cutesy, occasionally nonsensical topics and general overwhelmingly positive fun are the order of the day on Math the Band's new record, as is true on pretty much all of Atom's records, though you could argue, at least musically, that Math the Band is superior. Electronic music has changed a lot since Atom hung up his Package and his records are starting to sound a little dated in comparison to the thicker, louder pop onslaught presented here. Say, for example, if Atom was around for Chiptune and decided to incorporate a little bit of it into his songs, you might be in the right area.

With Don't Worry, Math the Band is not only improving on the genre's innovators, but also their own work. Whilst their last album (and possibly first, it's so hard to tell with so many EPs and demos floating around online), Math the Band Banned the Math, was a great listen, its songs were a little bit simpler and a little less accomplished -- here, things are more fleshed out, a bit ‘heavier' and with more voices contributing to the racket.

With relentless cheer and charm, Don't Worry will not LET you worry. It will grab you, beat you onto the dance floor and force you to have fun. Math the Band look at everything that's gone before, add it all up and throw it back in your face. At nine tracks and 24 minutes long, it's like a sugar high that's over far too quickly.