In the Hollows - In the Hollows [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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In the Hollows

In the Hollows [7 inch] (2009)

Mightier Than Sword

In the Hollows notably count current/ex-members of Champion, Ruiner and Pulling Teeth in their roster, but fortunately, they do manage to stand out aside from their alum.

It's not hard to guess that they play a brand of well-worn but enjoyable, stuffy hardcore on their debut 7", which remixes and remasters three of the better songs from their demo. Sure, there's a hint of Ruiner in here, but In the Hollows sound mostly like their own band, doing moderately uptempo fare with a good few frills here and there. They do have Ruiner's misanthropy down pretty well, though, as exhibited by the first few lines in opener "Move Away" ("Move away, / we're not the same. / You don't know me, / you don't know a thing."). More so, this overall reminds me of a sorta more straightforward hardcore take on what Spanish Bombs does (maybe because of the vocals). They even try more complex territory on the multi-structured closer, "The Looking Glass," which takes up all of Side B.

A pretty decent debut, though I bet things will get way better when In the Hollows flex their creative muscle more in the future.

Move Away